Posted by: Sean Tilden | January 20, 2011

Jan. 20 – Tofo to home

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not had internet in about 5 weeks now, but I will be putting up several posts on the weekend so please check back for the photos. My time here is coming to a close. I left today and arrive back home about 40 hours later on Friday!

I have now been in Mozambique for about a week now, in a small place called Tofo. Been spending my last week with my good friend sitting on the beach in 40degree weather and swimming in the 30degree ocean. It’s been pretty relaxed here, although it’s hard to do this for too long.

But I have got the chance to go out on the ocean to do a few ocean safaris, which have been very exciting, where we go on the lookout for whatever we can find, mainly whale sharks/dolphins, manta rays. Having spent the entire year surrounded by spectacular wildlife, I have to say that I had one of the best wildlife encounters on Monday whilst on an ocean safari. Mainly the people who go on these safaris are on the lookout for whale sharks. This area of the world is known for its great numbers of whale sharks and manta rays, both of which we did not see all week. However after cruising around for 2 hours and just about to head in, the skipper called in and was told to do another 10min loop. A few minutes in we saw a good number of birds diving in the water so we approached to see what was about. Someone saw a shark fin so we waited to identify the shark before sliding into the water, to see a proper bait ball of small fish. They were getting attacked from above by the birds and below by yellow-fin tuna, balito, kingfish. It was incredible to see from a couple feet away, as the bait ball was then trying to hide amongst everyone. Swimming below the action and occasionally swimming close by were a couple of blacktip sharks and then a bull shark swam underneath, which was amazing to see but a little unnerving as well. All in all, it was an amazing sight to see, one that had never been seen by a few people who had lived there for a few years. The previous trip we had encountered a couple humpback dolphins then a pod of bottlenose dolphins which we were able to swim with as well.

Unfortunately I do not own an underwater camera so you will have to take my word on this story. But I will be posting lots of photos from my last week in St. Lucia, my trip with my parents, and my last two weeks traveling around as well, so check back hopefully on the weekend sometime!

Cheers for now!

UPDATE: Here is a link to photos of the above mention awesome event!!/album.php?aid=267535&id=119884937684

Casey and I in Tofo


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