South Africa 2010

Hippo relaxing in St. Lucia Estuary

Hello all and welcome. I will be adding updates from my time here in St. Lucia South Africa hopefully on a regular basis, most likely weekly or as much as possible. I am back here working with African Impact as a volunteer coordinator for the next 2 years, for all 3 of our projects, community, medical, but a lot of work on the photography and conservation project and with those volunteers. It’s great to be back, it’s the middle of summer here so it is quite hot, a lot different from the snow I left at home but I’ll take it. The first week has started out great and the year should be full of challenges, hard work, but great times! Enjoy the pictures, which can be found to the right under under South Africa 2010 listed by the date I posted!

Ghost Crab in grass



  1. Have wonderful time, Sean. I know that mom and dad will miss you but you have the chance of a lifetime. Enjoy! I will be following the blog.

  2. Hi Sean! Have a really great time! I’m glad you arrived safely. Can’t wait to see Africa through your lenses. Thanks for blogging!

  3. Hi Sean! Glad to hear that your are there and all settled. I will lokk forward to hearing from you and to seeing your pictures. Keep well and safe.
    Aunt Shelley

  4. Hi Sean!
    I am so glad your Mom forwarded your blog address. What an opportunity! Can’t wait to see more pics. Take care and God bless!

  5. Hey Sean! Your mom sent me the remaining Olympic Torch pics — they’re awesome! Especially the “autographed” ones. Thank you so much! Looking forward to following the blog again. The girls think it’s so cool. Obviously off to another amazing start — can’t wait to see more pics. Will you be camping out on mountain tops again? Make sure you take care of yourself (and we’ll take care of your mom!)

  6. Sean ! read your facebook messages .
    sorry never got to teach you to drive manual trans. you’ll be fine , its easy .
    goodluck over there ,
    stay outa’ trouble

  7. I find it ironic that there are seven posts, and mum hasnt posted something.

    just saying.

  8. Great new pictures. Luv the red dragonfly!! Hope all is well,


  9. woooooo
    i am hippo !!!!
    hear me roar!!!

    miss you dude
    keep the good work dude. love the pics


  10. dear sean tilden

    you are living the dream

    the pictures you capture are breath taking

    keep it real


    – EMT
    – YIMTEE
    – Erika Houde-Pearce

  11. Hi Sean. Surprise!! Your Mom and I have connected, and I have been fully updated!! Congrats on your exciting choice of careers. Your pictures are stunning,sensitive and show your great talent!! Mike and I are looking forward to following your blog.

  12. Hi Sean, Had mom in my special needs PE class the last few days and she filled me in on what you are doing… your pictures are amazing… what a wonderful experience for you… hope all is well
    Looking forward to following your work

  13. Hey Sean! These photos are beautiful- what an amazing and exciting life you are leading! I wish you all the best and a merry christmas this year!


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