Apr. 16

Hello! Sorry for the lateness of this entry, very very busy here as always. A few weeks back I had a half day off on the public holiday so decided to go for a game drive. Encountered some elephants along the way, the breeding group including two females with many young ones…walked right by our car on the road! Also photos from a few good bush walks, one being this afternoon. Also had a couple of nice runs this week, running along with a herd of zebra, some wildebeest and impala!

Tomorrow is the big HIV Football event held at the highschool in Khula!

Purple-crested Turaco

Elephant mother and young

Elephant feet...big and small

Elephants in Hluhluwe Park


young & younger

Road crossing

Little one drinking

playful youth

Everyone coming our way

Mother's eye...she was next to the front of our car here, about 10feet, then all just walked by quietly

Pin-tailed Whydah

Gray Heron overlooking estuary

Gray Heron

Elegant Grasshopper

Gaboon Adder at croc centre

Gaboon Adder

Scarlet-chested Sunbird...deciding to call it quits

Natal Acraea

Window Acraea

Blue Pansy

African Monarch


Impala running

Apr. 16 Sunset



  1. i love the grasshopper and the impalas and the elephants! who am i kidding, i love them all 🙂

  2. I love the elephant mother and her kid.. such a good pic

  3. Wow! We have elephants!!! They are amazing! The grasshopper is fantastic. As usual the pictures are gorgeous. Hope all is well.

  4. Wow, Sean…the way you capture God’s masterpieces is amazing! You have an awesome gift and sharing it with the world!

  5. Hi Sean,

    Wow, these are beautiful pictures with the elephants 🙂 It’s a pity we didn’t see them last year. Hopefully you have a great time in South-Africa (again!)
    Good ;luck with taking wonderfull pictures.

    Greetz Shelley

  6. Incredible! I love the mother’s eye! Glad I don’t have to choose which is my favourite, I could never do it … though the grasshopper is quite striking, and if you could isolate the little one drinking … wow!! So adorable. Love all the butterflies and birds!

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