Apr. 24

Here are some photos from the previous week – some sunsets, walks, flowers, insects, snakes and others. Enjoy.

Mother and baby hippo

Mother and baby hippo2

Apr. 18 Sunset over estuary

Thick-leaved gladiolus

Thick-leaved gladiolus 2

Thick-leaved gladiolus 3

Thick-leaved gladiolus 4

Caterpillar of some kind

Caterpillar of another kind

group of ants carrying away a dead grasshopper

really cool bug

baby puff adder at croc centre

Natal Acraea

Natal Acraea 2

Natal Acraea 3

Natal Acraea 4

Spotted bush snake we spotted on our walk

Spotted bush snake 2

Spotted bush snake 3

Blue Wildebeest


Male impala sparing...(here you go John Mason)

Male Nyala putting on a display for the females

Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra 2

A boy from the local village on his first day of school. Through donations from the St. Lucia community, we were able to provide him with a uniform and school supplies so he could attend school.



  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Great picture of the spotted bush snake. Loved the second one especially. I could change my facebook snake pic to that one. Great talking to you today. Keep safe.

  2. The little guy is just adorable too! Forgot to say that.

  3. Wow! How do you choose? Good thing I don’t have to. Love the first purple flower, spotted bush snake is great, too! The sunset is gorgeous, and the little guy is adorable. I think my favourite is the plains zebra 2. Very nice composition with the grasses so out of focus they add a nice green hue and softness to the photo.

  4. I have been enjoying your pictures as you post them. What an exciting exsperience you are having! I have been showing you pictures to my staff and to my computer student who comes from South Africa. Everyone is very impressed. Hope you have an extra special birthday tomorrow.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Sean. Hope you have a wonderful day. We will miss sharing it with you, but we know you are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity and we will be thinking of you. Mom and Dad

  6. Hope you’re having a great Birthday! And hope it’s not already the day after. We love looking at all the wonderful pictures you post, although I do admit, I cringe and fly past the snakes, but I did notice the forked tongue and went back to have a closer look. I love that you always have comments with the pictures, so keep up the good work and how lucky can you get to be spending your birthday the way you are! By the way, I’ll be eating your piece of birthday cake since you’re not here. mmmmmmmmm, delicious.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope it’s as amazing as your photos!
    Love the “really cool bug” and the spotted bush snake 3! Celebrate big.

  8. seriously, once you get back we need to talk about me purchasing some prints from you to frame and hang in my place! I’m sooo proud of you!

  9. I think I recognize some of pictures from our adapted walk , makes me nostalgicfoe S Africa,must make do with Northern Ontario. Cheryl Fyfe

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