Apr. 4

So this week I have some pictures from an amazing sunset in which I did not actually see the sun setting! But the wildlife around the estuary was fantastic. Hippos coming out of the water…lots of crocodiles swimming and lounging about, goliath heron, gray herons, purple herons, egrets, fish eagles out fishing, pied kingfishers out fishing, started out sunny, then the rain came suddenly, it was just an awesome sunset at the estuary. The next day we went for a sunrise shoot down at the estuary with the photography volunteers. Low tide provided some excellent reflections of the sunrise which was really quite nice. The next set of photographs is from a trip the photography volunteers took part in with a couple of wildlife researchers. We went into iSimangaliso Park and walked through one of the amazing ecosystems found there, the swamp forest. We were looking for crocodiles as part of their population dynamic study among other things. We ended up hooking a couple large crocs just to see, as they were already tagged, recorded their location and moved on. We came across some hatchlings less than 2 weeks old, caught them, weighed them, marked those that had not already been marked. It was a very interesting and exciting trip walking through the stream with the crocodiles!

Gray Heron with Egytian geese in background and Nile crocodile in foreground

Goliath Heron

Goliath Heron fighting the rain

Mar. 29 Sunrise

Mar. 29 Sunrise 2

Mar. 29 Sunrise 3

Mar. 29 Sunrise 4

searching for crocs

Catching an adult Nile crocodile

Walk through the swamp forest

Getting stuck...again

Weighing Nile crocodile hatchling

Marking croc hatchling



  1. OMG Sean although utterly fantastic photos it gives me a lot of pain to view them as I’m not there.

  2. Wonderful pictures kid! Looks like a fun week. The Goliath is amazing. Far TOO close to those crocs though. Sunrise is beautiful.

  3. Hi great pictures, sounds as if the croc adventure was fun. Lovely sunrise pics too, missing it all very much.

  4. Sean Tilden!!!!
    So I finally found out how to contact you! (Takes a while for a farming gal eh? lol) I missed seeing you when I went to London the other week.
    I loooovvvvveeee your pictures 🙂
    Can you bring me home a Goliath Heron???

  5. Hey. you are missed by everyone but all seem to be saying the same ‘way to go’ including me. The images are awesome but not unexpected. The main thing is that this is a wonderful experience and you are taking full advantage.
    Just listening to BTO , ‘Taking care of business’ and remembering and thinking of u . Take care.

  6. have this new ‘think pad’ and need to get used to it. Your mother likes the golith as when I changed the desk top she was a bit upset — i put it back and all is ok still waiting on the elephants, didn’t realize they were that slow.

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