Dec. 14 – Coming to a close

As for now, this past week or two has produced a mix of images, from our last conservation club, to a group photo of the volunteers, some shots down at the estuary, a couple different night shots, as well as images taken from the boat cruise on the estuary. Please enjoy, only 1 more week left here in St. Lucia!

Last conservation club...busk walk

Pool party...the last remaining volunteers

Estuary landscape

Yellow-billed stork

Stars over St. Lucia

Lightning over estuary


Hippo 2

Hippo 3.5

Sleepy hippos

Hippo 4

Giant kingfisher

Goliath heron

Goliath heron 2

African fish eagle

Pair of yellow-billed storks with grey heron

Teasing...white-faced ducks with nile croc



  1. Sean, i work with your dad.

    I have always wanted to see Africa and through your eyes I have. Thank you for much for all the breathtaking photographs. It has been an experience to share these.

    Have a wonderful holiday with your parent’s.

    Merry Christmas


  2. Great pictures as usual. I have tears, can’t wait to see you next week.

  3. and to think your going to come back to chatham and see CROWS!! enjoy your remaining days in paradise!

  4. Your pictures and commentary have been wonderful. I have enjoyed them very much this past year. Have a very special Christmas this year. I will be looking for picutures of your Mom and Dad with the wildlife.
    Aunt Shelley

  5. Can’t wait to see some pics with mom and dad in them!
    You’re incredibly talented Sean — going places for sure.
    Hope their trip has been incredible — can’t wait to hear
    all about it!
    See you soon.

  6. Fabulous pictures as usual, Sean. I think Hippo 3.5 is my favourite of the hippos, but don’t ask me to choose a favourite of the birds – they’re all great! I’m really going to miss these updates when you’re back home. Have a wonderful visit with your parents. Wishing you wonderful things for 2011

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