Dec. 7 – Drakensberg

OK so these photos are actually from the beginning of Nov but here we go. A great trip to the mountains, with some excellent summer weather and beautiful colours. First day as usual spent at the cascades in which I shot zero photos of the cascades…but that was because the surroundings of flowers, insects, and the magnificent scenery kept me busy. Next morning up sunrise against the amphitheater. A beautiful sunrise it was. Then for a long walk down towards Tugela Gorge where a couple of the guys decided to jump into the what had to be between 5-10 degree water…oh wait I suppose I did join them the first time, but they found multiple swimming locations in this very fresh mountain water. The next day was the big climb up the mountain. We decided to wake up at 3am, to get to a viewpoint for sunrise just before 5. Unfortunately we were walking in a cloud for the first few hours. The clouds lifted, however, as we climbed higher, which provided a spectacular sight. As we reached the top at ~3000m above sea level we were again faced with a wall of cloud hanging against the edge of the escarpment. The the clouds lowered, providing that magical feeling of looking out over the puffy white. Then if that were not enough the clouds then broke and vanished to provide us with a view down into the valley below. Truly awesome sights were saw that day. We ended up being on the mountain for a good 12 hours so were all a bit glad and sore to return to the lodge some 700m below for a nice bath…


Berg 1

Berg 2

Berg 3

Berg 4

Berg 5

Berg 6

Berg 7

Berg 8

Berg 9

Berg 10

Berg 11

Berg 12

Berg 13

Berg 14

Berg 15

Berg 16

Berg 17 - Morning hike up

Berg 18

Berg 19

Berg 20

Berg 21 - Tugela Falls at the top

Berg 22

Berg 23 - Edge of Tugela Falls

Berg 24

Berg 25

Berg 26

Berg 27

Berg 28

Berg 29



  1. All I can say is WOW!!!

  2. Awesome pics once again. The mountains are breathtaking with the clouds!

  3. I agree with your mom. Wow! I really love the mountain and cloud pics, and Berg 15 and 16 … very very cool!!!

  4. I agree with your mom. WOW!
    Aunt Shelley

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