Dec. 7 – Game Drives

Here are a few images from various game drives in iSimangaliso and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi parks throughout November. Enjoy!

iSimangaliso sunset

Wildebeest line


Sunset 2

Wet white rhino

male kudu

Zebra mother and young

Zebra affection

Top gun swallows

Male tree agama

Young white rhino


Young giraffe

Giraffe mother and young


Spotted hyena

Spotted hyena 2

Elephant killing a tree

Red-winged Starling

Impala tongue

iMfolozi landscape

Elephant drink

Young impala...probably less than a day old



  1. Loved that exposed giraffe and this young impala. The colours are so vibrant in all the photos. Maverick and Goose coming in for a landing was really cool too.

  2. I love the exposed giraffe, young giraffe and wildebeest line. iMfolozi landscape is fabulous! I love the tree in it! And the title for the “Top Gun Swallows” – very creative!

  3. I love the closeups. The Hyena looks inquisitive.

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