Dec. 7 – Kosi Bay

It was our weekend together, the three staff here at African Impact, so we decided to take a weekend and head up to Kosi Bay for some fun. It was very relaxing, staying right by the beach, spending time snorkeling, body-boarding, walking with the loggerhead turtles. This was extremely worthwhile. We have 2 species of turtle that nest on our beaches here, the loggerhead and leatherback turtles. The leatherback is listed as critically endangered and the loggerhead as endangered. During Nov-Jan is when the females emerge from the sea at night to lay their eggs in the sand. The females will lay around 100eggs each time, and will lay 4-5 times in a season. It is this time, accompanied by a guide, you are permitted to walk the beaches at night, in total darkness, as the light disturbs the turtles. The babies will hatch after about 2 months of incubation, and face the challenges ahead. Many don’t make it out of the nest, many are eaten by crabs, sea birds before they make it to the water, then many are taken by creatures in the sea. It is said that every 500 -1000 eggs produces 1 adult turtle. That night we saw a loggerhead finishing laying her eggs, cover her hole, then make her way back to the ocean. Later we witnessed 3 loggerheads all making their way back to the sea. It was an amazing experience, one that will stay with me forever. These turtles average 1m in length and 100kg in weight.

Loggerhead turtle

Kosi Bay, the view from where we stayed, ocean on the right, lake on the left

Natalie and Peter body-boarding

Group photo, Sean, Nick, Pete, Sam, Jon, Nat, Peter



  1. Loved the colour of that water!!!!! Gorgeous views Can’t wait.

  2. Looks totally amazing. What an opportunity, to see so much wildlife and gorgeous country. Thank you for the education you’ve given us. Wish I could go there.

  3. Your dad Ron is a friend of ours and recommended that we check out your site, the pictures are awesome. What a great experience to be in South Africa and see these beautiful sites an animals. Say Hi to your dad when he comes to visit you from us… Pam and Art

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