Feb. 13

Hippo rolling over

Amazing sunset...good times

Found a Blue-cheeked Bee-eater on our training bush walk with a hurt wing

Thami and the Blue-ckeeked Bee-eater

Very cool bird

We tried to feed it a grasshopper

Beach and Dunes looking north

Beach looking south

Hey look, another dragonfly


Dragonfly head on

Dragonfly close up

Star trail at the beach

Went for a training game drive...saw some giraffe

Pair of Plains Zebra

Water Monitor

male White Rhino who didn't care for us much

White Rhino chasing us away

Secretary Bird, huge and very cool

a lady Giraffe

Zebra showing affection

Zebra mom and baby

Zebra close up

Elephant in the beautiful Hluhluwe landscape

Before picture of orphanage taken in July when we started the project

Orphanage taken yesterday, very very close to being finished, exciting!



  1. Ok let’s not get too sarcastic about the dragonflies!!The pics are great as usual. The bee-eater is amazing, hope he survived. Secretary bird is very interesting and just how close were you to the rhino? What a transformation for the orphanage. It looks wonderful. Have a good week.

  2. Hello again from Vietnam. Sean, the zebra photo’s are my absolute favourite! I love them because they are so-o-o graphic.
    And to echo your Mom’s question-just how close do you get to these animals???
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers from Hoi An, Aunt Sharon

  3. Hey Sean, I get your “attitude” toward the dragon flies. With all those incredible, strange, beautiful, DIFFERENT animals you are photographing, we are commenting on boring dragonflies. I think it was the fact that it was red more than anything. As for this week, I chose to comment on the Secretary Bird…wish I were that tall and leggy!!

  4. O no, you took pictures of dragonflies.
    you know what I took pictures of yesterday?
    Snow. and coldness.

  5. Brilliant photos as always Sean!
    Looks like you’re still having a great time!
    And WOW the orphanage looks AMAZING-you should be very proud of yourself and your team! 😀
    Keep posting and I look forward to more.
    Casey Raine 🙂 x

  6. Sean! You are so talented! I love all your pictures I just looked at everything twice in a row. Amazing. I can’t wait to see more! Seems like you are having a great time and doing lots of great things 🙂

  7. Sean, my name is Judi and I work with your dad and know you mom. I have been looking at your photos while you are staying if Africa and they are absolutley beautiful. I am a great lover of nature and animals and appreciate the beauty you have captured in your photos.

    keep up the good work, be safe.

  8. so im jealous 🙂 the beach is gorgeous and the orphanage looks great. i keep coming back and checking out your pictures when its cold and crappy out. we’ll have to start taking pictures of the snow and squrrels and stuff so you remember what london looks like 🙂

  9. Hi Sean!

    My mom (Rose) works with your dad. She has forwarded us the link to your blog a couple of times and we’ve enjoyed your photos immensely. You have a great talent! My kids (10 & 7 yrs) are both huge animal lovers and are truly in awe seeing these animals in their natural habitat. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. these pictures are amazing

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