Feb. 20

female tree agama

male tree agama

Tree Agama having lunch

this is a branch of a tree that we trimmed and replanted by the pan, an excellent way to grow new trees

A new dragonfly

Painted Reed Frog

Hippo enjoying a sunset snack

Goliath Heron

Feb19 Sunset

Feb 19 sunset2

I have not gotten out to take many photos this week, so I made sure I got some yesterday for you people, so these are some from Friday, at the pan and the sunset. It has been a busy week here. We have been finishing work on the orphanage which will be open next week for the boys to move in, very exciting! The photographers have had some good sightings on game drives this week, including some close encounters with eleplants, many birds, insects, cleaning the inside of a python cage right next to the snake…the usual, so they are doing great and coming back with some excellent images. Work at the conservation club has been going great. The kids have cleared the area for the garden and started their compost heap. Next step are helping them to keep the compost going and deciding what vegetables to plant. The community projects are all running smoothly, with work at the creches, and hiv ed in schools going great. Also plan to start up the reading club…

Apparently I’m going surfing now…this should fun. If you don’t hear from me next week, I might have died from the sun…See you everyone.



  1. Good to hear from you. Love that Goliath Heron. What a bird! We thank you for the dragonfly (without sarcasm). Have fun surfing….we’ll talk later about that! Enjoy your week.

  2. love them like always… mmm beaches
    keep me updated. i would like to see that. 😛
    cya kidd

  3. Wow….that frog photo is FANTASTIC 🙂

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