Feb. 24 – Mar. 2 Conservation work


Yes I am alive. Sorry it has taken so long since an update, it has been quite busy here, but I have some news and pictures to share.

First you will see photos of the conservation club at the highschool where we work. Part of the photography and conservation project is to help this club at the highschool in the local village. We teach them many different issues surrounding the area, environment and conservation.  The students wanted to build a compost heap and a garden to complement, so after planning and hard work from the kids they have completed both with vegetables growing!

Next you will see photos from an amazing morning in which I accompanied the photographers to the crocodile centre where we help in any way we can with the conservation and education work they do. This day we were lucky enough to not only remove the last of the eggs from a couple nests, but when we got back to the incubator we witnessed the baby nile crocodiles hatching! It was so cool to see, as the crocodiles were rather large for the size of the egg.

Enjoy the photos…and yes, 2 more posts coming…right now!



  1. The baby crocs..what an amazing sight. Far too many of them however

  2. i loooove the close up of the baby croc in the egg!

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