Jan. 17

Painting with light exercise with photographers

Photographers working at pan

Painted Reed Frog

Cattle Egret

Yellow Weaver

African Spoonbill

Southern Brown-throated Weaver

Ghost Crab

Ghost Crab close up

Natal Acraea



  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your time again. Pictures are wonderful, as usual. Miss you,


  2. Awesome, Sean. Enjoy your “work”. I’ll look after Mom!

  3. Hey there Sean, hope you are having the time of your life (again). I am so jealous I could spit, but so happy that you get to have this incredible experience in your life. I was just wondering if you are learning any of the local languages (suppose not with so many who speak English). Is there are bird expert you go to for info?
    It looks like that yellow weaver has red eyes, does he?
    Keep the photos coming!

  4. Hi Sean – you don’t know me but I know your dad. He is so proud of you and after viewing your work I CAN SEE WHY? Amazing, just amazing. More Please!

  5. Hi Sean…your pics are beautiful and we’re really enjoying seeing them all…have a great working holiday!

  6. Hi Sean! I’ve beem showing your pictures to one of my students. He is originally from South Africa.
    Your excellent pictures remind him of home. He and his family used to vacation near where you are.
    Keep safe.

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