Jan. 22 – South Africa to Mozambique

My last two weeks on the continent, spent traveling with my friend around SA then to Moz. Some incredible bush to mountain to beach times. Enjoy the final photos!





Mountain view

Mountain lightning

Cathedral Peak

Drakensberg from helicopter

Drakenberg from helicopter 2


Casey and I on the mountain

Casey and I with our ride

Cathedral Peak panorama

Cathedral Peak sunrise

Photographing some waterfalls


Mountain Flora

Photographing the Amphitheatre

Sunrise from the mountain

Sentinal sunrise

Eland Falls

Tugela Falls

Top of the Amphitheatre

Top of the world

Chain ladder

Mountain reedbuck

Tofo sunrise

Tofo sunrise 2

Casey and I in Tofo, my last photo for my time in Africa



  1. Sean congratulations on getting home, these pictures are absolutely incredible.
    Such beautiful scenery and thankyou for sharing-so makes me want to cry.

  2. WELCOME HOME!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing experience, and your photos with all of us. You truly are a very talented young man! May the natural world continue to fuel your imagination and enrich your life.
    Uncle Doug and I look forward to seeing you in May when we visit the “Point” for bird watching season.
    Until then enjoy your time reuniting with your family and friends. Hugs, Aunt Sharon

  3. Sean, me again, who works with your dad.

    All I can say is fantastic. Thank you again for sharing. Pictures of mom and dad are great. I know they had a good time, you dad told me all about it.

    Again congratulations on all the fantastic photos.

    Judi @ Crawford

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Sean. Most likely I will never get there, but I have seen more than I ever would on my own, I’m sure. I can’t wait to see where your shutter takes you next.

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