Jan. 24 – Week 2

Narina Trogon

Narina Trogon

Tropical House Gecko



Painted Reed Frog

Cattle Egrets

Gray Heron



Baboon mother and baby



Baboon mother and young

Baboon male

Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra

Warthog siblings

Cape Vulture

Spotted Hyena

Plains Zebra



  1. Great Pictures kid. Didn’t think it would really be that much greener than July, but wow what a difference. Hope all is well. luv ya


  2. Breathtaking!!

  3. I agree, the pictures are breathtaking. Never, ever had I wanted to take a trip to Africa until I looked at your pictures.

  4. Fabulous! I love the animals, (giraffe, baboons, hyena) hard to believe the wild life around you. The bunnies and racoons around here just can’t compete. I’m envious. Keep clicking and posting.

  5. Absolutely love the painted reed frog! Excellent composure! I love how the leaves draw you into the butterfly. And the dragon flies? Oh nice!! All very excellent shots!

  6. Love the red ?dragonflies?

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