Jan. 30

Here are some images from this past week here in St. Lucia at various projects. It was a busy but fun week filled with crocodile eggs, conservation work at the pan and highschool in Khula, as well as good times at the creches and home based care and orphanage refurb projects. Lots of rain this week but I managed to get in a couple of good runs….now time for rest this weekend! Enjoy!

Removing female Nile croc from her nest at Croc Centre

collecting the eggs from the nest

handling with care

placing eggs at the same angle we found them

trying to locate next nest

about 30 good eggs in a nest

in the incubator

mom is coming back

mark to keep them the right way

female came back right to the fence held by two guys...still a couple inches away from Casey

planting trees at the pan in Khula

Casey and her birthday tree

picking up litter

clearing very dirty water of large amounts of litter

team effort

Ndabenhle Creche

volunteers teaching


play time

Elise has her hands full

zulu dance



  1. what amazing shots. Looks like everyone was having a great time this week! Too close to a “mommie” croc for me! The shots of the kids are adorable.

  2. Goodmorning from Vietnam to South Africa! Sean, I am most impressed with your photography! Doug loves your wildlife shots-especially your birds-SURPRISE! I, however, would love to see more of your fabulous landscape photos-they are a great inspiration for my painting!Happy shooting, Aunt Sharon

  3. TILDEN!!!!!!!!!
    Your photos are amazing as usual. I am glad to see that things are going well again. Keep up the good work.
    ❤ Ash

  4. WOW awesome photos!!
    But I wouldnt expect anything less! 😛

    Cool to see the pics up and exciting morning today with more crocs!

    Can’t wait to see the rest, keep up the good work!
    Oh but also don’t forget to have a REST!

    Love, Casey xXx

  5. Sean, Nice record shots of the work … curious what the plan is for the hatchlings, and when that should happen. I LOVE the pictures of “play time” and Elsie the best. Great shots as always! The colours in “colouring” are brilliant! Very nice shot.

  6. Your photography is truely amazing. How safe was it wading in that water? Why were you incubating the eggs? Are the crocs endangered?
    As you can see I have lots of questions for you.
    Keep safe

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