Jul. 3

Things are moving along here, I can’t believe it’s already July. But that means I will be home in less than a week, having a two weeks holiday, in Canada for a week, then England for a week! The volunteer numbers are starting to increase with a full house by the end of the month – 24! Here are a few pictures from a good visit to Mission Rocks, a recent game drive, down at the estuary, and out on community project. The last photo was maybe the final photo for my 50mm 1.8 which literally broke in two pieces about 2min after that. Then Emil, our professional photographer who teaches the 3 day course at the start of the project, broke one of his lenses the next day…strange. Enjoy the photos and look forward to pictures from Canada/England next few weeks!

Hermit Crab

Natal Rock Crab 1

Natal rock crab 2

Natal rock crab 3

Natal rock crab 4

Eastern olive sunbird 1

Grey sunbird 1

Eastern olive sunbird 2

Eastern olive sunbird 3

Eastern olive sunbird 4

Grey sunbird 2

Eastern olive sunbird 5

Plover at sunset

Purple Heron 1

Purple heron 2



Vervet monkey

Hippo Sunset

Jul. 2 Sunset

beads - ready for HIV Support Group craftmakers




  1. It was probably the noise that stupid vuvuzela was making that broke the lens!!! Pictures are great as usual. Can’t wait to see you on Friday! Take care!

  2. I have really enjoyed all your pictures. They are such a varied lot and beautiful to look at. Every time you post new ones I show my staff or anyone who is in the library. It is wonderful that you will be coming home for your vacation. Sorry to hear about your camera. Time for an upgrade.
    Keep safe.

  3. Love all the bird pics. Eastern Olive Sunbird 1 is the best, I think. I’ve never heard of a lens breaking in 2 pieces like that … just totally worn out, I guess? is that expected? Hope it’s covered under warranty.

  4. Great shot of the sunbird taking off Sean. I also really like the plover on the edge of the water. Great stuff. Been thinking about the lens…yours went and then a day later mine went…hmm is there bad luck karma at the house?!?!?

  5. Love the Sunbird pictures, amazing colours!

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