Jun. 15

Hello all. Well June has arrived and so has the World Cup! Although for the opening match I was hiking in the Drakensberg but here are a few pics of what was the first part of June. Some amazing sunsets down at the estuary with excellent bird life and some fantastic weather (finally some rain these past weeks) although it has been very very cold! Another post on my Drakensberg weekend to follow shortly!

Estuary Sunset

Estuary Sunset 2

Grey Heron/Little Egret

Grey Heron

African Fish Eagle

Grey Heron with fish

Hippos at estuary mouth

young male kudu



female kudu

Hippos sunset

Grey-headed gull

Goliath Heron 1

Goliath Heron 2

Grey heron/nile croc

Goliath Heron/nile croc

Goliath Heron/nile croc 2

Goliath Heron 3

Goliath Heron 4

Goliath Heron 5

Kite spider



  1. great pics. loved those herons!!

  2. Again, fabulous pictures! I think the African fish eagle and Goliath 2 are my favourites … good thing I don’t have to choose! They are all wonderful!

  3. Wonderful pictures as usual. The spider photo is amazing and I DO NOT like spiders.
    keep safe

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