Jun. 16 – Drakensberg

Hello again. Well I have just returned from another photography tour run in the beautiful Northern Drakensberg that is Royal Natal Park. This time it was all 5 of my photography volunteers here in St. Lucia, myself, and Emil who was running the workshop. It was a very very windy and cold weekend, with temperatures hovering just above zero; it even snowed while we were heading up the chain ladder! The views were well worth it, with a light dusting of snow on top, with blue skies and rushing waterfalls, amazing sunrises with rainbows and storms. It was another fun weekend full of lots of hiking, even a little over some icy sections going up. Here are some photos of the weekend – enjoy!

new growth on Tugela Gorge walk

Tugela River sunrise 1

Tugela River sunrise 2

Tugela River sunrise 3



Golden Orb spider

Emil at RetiefKlip

approaching weather

photographing Drakensberg

Mountain sunrise 1

Mountain sunrise 2

Mountain sunrise 3

looming snow

Drakensberg winter

Drakensberg winter 2

Tugela River

Drakensberg winter 3

  • Drakensberg winter 4
  • Drakensberg winter 5

    Drakensberg winter 6

    Drakensberg wind

    Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge



    1. Usual great stuff.
      Keep it up.

    2. Ewww Snow!!!!! great shots. Love all those rainbows and of course there is that spider!!

    3. Beautiful pictures- ah to be 20 years younger and in fit form to be able to go to Drakensberg!!

    4. The river pictures are gorgeous … but the sunrise 1 … took my breath away! Absolutely incredible! The grasses in the foreground make it!! Wonderful job, as usual.

    5. Tugela River Sunrise 2 – my favourite in this group

    6. Amazing Pictures especially that picture you shot of the spider, wow!!!

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