Jun. 23

Here are a few shots from last week, half of them are from a game drive with the volunteers to Hluhluwe park with a nice elephant sighting, the others starting with the purple heron are from a kayaking trip I took on the St. Lucia Estuary. Some excellent bird sightings, with a new sighting for myself being the beautiful mangrove kingfisher!


Giraffe family


Elephant family

Elephant drink

Baby elephant climbing up

Elephant family 2

Giraffe 2

Purple Heron

Grey Heron

Goliath Heron

Croc in St. Lucia Estuary

Nile Crocodile


Mangrove Kingfisher

Mangrove Kingfisher 2

Mangrove Kingfisher 3

Reed Cormorant

Reed Cormorant 2

Mangrove Kingfisher 4

Mangrove Kingfisher 5

Giant Kingfisher



  1. The ‘mangrove’ is absolutly wonderful.

  2. Wow!! That bird is magnificent!! What nice shots…ewww….on the croc teeth! TOO CLOSE!! Can`t wait until you`re both here on the 9th!

  3. As always, great images Sean. I love the colouring on the Mangrove Kingfishers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You finally got to do that kayaking trip you wanted, and WOW at the results! AWESOME!
    Gorgeous photos as always Sean. 🙂

  5. You are the best photog that I’ve eve had the privilege of knowing. YOU HAVE A GIFT! I hope to be able to see you and your girlfriend when you’re home.
    Mrs. K

  6. Sean, You continue to impress us with your work. Amazing photography! Uncle Doug and I are very proud of you, and achievements. P.S.- I’m going to paint that Mangrove-love the colours! Thanks for the inspiration.

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