Mar. 27

Hello all…so the last couple weeks have been fun as usual. Last weekend I got the chance to fly to Cape Town and drive our new vehicle (new to our standards, old to everyone else, but it’s awesome) all the way back here to St. Lucia. About a 2000km drive over a few days, very good scenery but very boring to drive that long straight through! I didn’t manage to take many photos as I was on the highway most of time…I did take a couple snaps of a tortoise that I saved…he was trying to cross the road! Other photos are from a bush walk, croc centre…this month we have been moving some crocodiles to different enclosures, and watching more hatchlings. Also I threw in a group photos of this months volunteers that we took last night. Next week is looking to be fun as the photographers and I will possibly be going up to uMkhuze game reserve to collect some research materials with a researcher as well as camp overnight and have some amazing photo opportunities! Yesterday we had a beach day for all the kids at the creche which was apparently very very fun, all the kids loved playing in the water and on the beach, equaled good times and some good photos! School holidays are for the next two weeks which means we run a holiday club for the younger children, with the theme being geography for this time…the planning looks good and should be a lot of fun games and knowledge! Also means we will be continuing with our refurbishment of the highschool while they are away…lots of painting to do in some classrooms!



Baby croc




March volunteers



  1. Loved the tortoise and thanks for the dragonfly for those ‘fly’ lovers! Sounds like next week will be a blast. Have a good one and keep in touch.

  2. LOVE the butterfly, and the closeup on the tortoise face.

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