May 25 – Drakensberg

I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend in the Drakensberg with a tour of 7 of the volunteers as well as Emil of course. It was a great weekend full of good weather, hikes, fun times and lots of photos in between! Enjoy this selection of mountain photos!


Cascades 2

Cascades 3

Photographer hard at work


Sunrise Tugela River

Tugela gorge hike

Mountain hike

At the edge of Tugela Waterfall, second highest in the world

White-necked Raven

Photographer on edge

Mountain flora

Stars over Drakensberg Amphitheatre



  1. So thats what the views were meant to look like!!!, Looks like you had a good weekend for it
    I love the sunrise at Tugela River photo

  2. Wonderful shots. Little greener than last July too.

  3. I love the white necked raven shot.

  4. Incredible! Love Sunrise Tugela River, and the edge of Tugela waterfall. White Necked Raven, Photographer on Edge and Photgrapher hard at work are very creative and artistic. It’s a real toss-up between Tugela River and the Waterfall for my favourite. I could hang those on my wall!

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