May 25

It’s been a very good month here. As always filled with good times and many photographs. This month’s group of photographers has been quite enjoyable and very keen to learn lots and take as many photos as possible. Since I’ve been out so much with them I’ve been able to take some of my own photos as well. These are from our various bush walks and game drives around iSimangaliso and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park. Enjoy!

Hluhluwe park

Crab Spider

Hadeda Ibis

Elephant blocking our way for quite some time

Elephant 2

Elephant 3

Elephant 4

Elephant 5


Leaf-stitching ants

Leaf-stitching ants 2

Leaf-stitching ant 3

Thick-leaved gladiolus

Thick-leaved gladiolus 2





golden grass

Ground Hornbill


Baboon 2

Baboon baby


Zebra & white rhino

White Rhino

Spotted Hyena

Spotted Hyena 2

Spotted Hyena 3

Spotted Hyena with kill

Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper 2

Gaboon Viper 3

Bee hive

Insect of sorts

Woodlands Batis

red flower

Vervet monkey

Vervet monkey playing

Vervet monkey 2



  1. Wow! What a mixture. I have never seen an Ibis. Cool. Could do without the snake though!!! Great colours, especially the golden grass…beautiful picture. Those hyenas are scary looking. You were in the car, right!!!!! Take care

  2. I always look forward to your new pictures. The diversity of what you see and take pictures of is amazing.

  3. Absolutely stunning! The spider … how artistic! Glad you encountered the snake and not I … the photos are great! Good thing you have such a great zoom. Elephant 3 is adorable … surprised your mother didn’t mention the excellent dragonfly shot … I love the woodlands batis … the vervet monkeys are always cute … the frog … oh to be that relaxed! I saw red flowers like yours in Colombia. Do elephants, rhinos and hyenas seem less exotic to you now?

  4. every insect picture you take is awesome. The fly with the red eyes is good . the orange ants on the leaves . good work Sean . National Geographic better sign you or something .

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