Nov. 13 – Insects & Flowers

I love where I live. iSimangaliso Wetland Park is my backyard. There is all the big mammals here which everyone loves. But there is also over 500 bird species. There is over 1000 fish species. Hundreds of amphibians and reptiles. Amoungst all of that there is countless invertebrate species as well as stunning flowers. This is why as we aim to document the area through imagery, I schedule a particular bush walk for the volunteers each month which happens to be my favourite. It is literally 500m down the street from our house. When we get there it is a giant field…of grass. It looks like absolutely nothing to photograph. Then we look closer. When we examine and look closer in the field of grass, this is what we find. Enjoy!


Lily pedal


Water drops

Lunate Blister Beetle



Stick Grasshopper

Interesting unknown

Interesting creature 2


Flower 2

Flower 3


Orchid 2

Flower 4


Silhouette of bug...

Lunate Blister Beetle 2

Flower 5

Lunate Blister Beetle 3



  1. Oh can’t wait to meet all those interesting bugs!!

  2. The amazing beauty of nature.

  3. All of your pictures are just amazing! Great work and you have a beautiful back yard! Very cool grasshopper!

  4. Fabulous macros! Love the lily petal, water drops and orchids! Interesting creature 2 and bug are my favourite insect photos. I agree with Tracy … love your backyard! I’d love to live where you do!

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