Oct. 13 – Kosi Forest Lodge

Last weekend I had two days off in a row! Natalie and I decided to head up to Kosi Bay, the northern part of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, and treat ourselves at a nice outdoor style luxury lodge. It was absolutely brilliant! An amazing area full of stunning scenery and lots and lots of birds, so I was very happy. At the lodge all you could hear 24/7 was the wonderful sounds of all the birds. And the food was…well, amazing! Canoeing on the lakes and walks in the forest equal really peaceful times. Good news is that I have booked my parents and I to stay there for 3 nights over Christmas, so it will be a very different but wonderful Christmas in the bush this year! Enjoy the photos everyone!

Front of room, the room was pretty much made of multiple nets so the sounds of the birds and everything else was well heard

front yard...

Kosi Forest Lodge room

room 2

outdoor bathtub

outdoor shower

outdoor tub at night

dinner under the trees

Lodge lit up

Raffia palm forest walk

Natalie and Vuso at the river

River panorama

Canoeing down the river

Palm nut vulture

Giant Kingfisher

Giant Kingfisher 2

Giant Kingfisher 3

Malachite Kingfisher

Reed Cormorant

Reed Cormorant 2

Natalie with her waterlily necklace

really cool grasshopper insect

a frog covered in sand


Another cool grasshopper insect



  1. You sure nothing can slither through those nets???? The place looks amazing…all those birds…can’t wait for a soak in that tub! Getting excited. Take care.

  2. Wow! what a beautiful place. I love the Kingfisher shots. I am going to miss all yourmarvelous photos once you come home. Keep safe, Aunt Shelley

  3. Sean, if your Mom and Dad decide not to go on their trip in December, send Uncle Doug and I their airline tickets as we would be more than happy to take their place!! The lodge looks absolutely amazing-so romantic!!
    Again, fabulous photography. We are so proud of all your achievements!
    Big Hugs, Aunt Sharon

  4. LOVE the kingfishers, especially after he shook the water off! Malachite kingfisher is gorgeous! I love the composition, especially with the background … nicely out of focus, but still a lot of texture. Very well done!! The angle in contrast to the branch in front -really excellent!

    Grasshopper insect looks like something from one of those insect movies – he’d probably be a soldier or something in A Bug’s Life.

    Very nice photo of Natalie … love her necklace and her smile … nice composition as well.

  5. Hi Sean,
    Your Mom gane me your link a while ago and I just thought of checking back in to take a boo! You look wonderful and happy! Keep posting the pics…lovin them!

    Niki Ritchie

  6. ‘Canoeing down the river’… voted as another personal fav! from the S Tilden photo library. Thanks for sharing your pics and adventures.

  7. Can’t wait to hear how Deb does in the outdoor tub! I’m totally jealous of your adventures! Better add Africa to the bucket list.

  8. Oh wow! the lodge is swanky indeed! you’ll have a fab time there with your parents! and i love that grasshopper creature shot! awesome! 😀

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