Oct. 2 – The African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog is an amazing pack animal with superb hunting skills, recognized as a generalist predator mainly feeding on impala and medium sized antelope. It occupies a variety of habitats, mainly plains, semi-desert, bushy savannas and upland forest. This past week we were lucky enough to come across a pack of about 30 African Wild Dogs, including 10 pups on our game drive. This was indeed a very fortunate event as in the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park here in South Africa there is an approx. total of 105 wild dogs. The wild dog is listed as an endangered species in Africa, with the total number now between 3000-5500 left in the wild. The species is currently on a decreasing population trend due to conflict with human activities and infectious disease. Most of the population is now restricted to game reserves in southern Africa.

I feel very privileged to have had such an amazing sighting. We were with them for about 40min, first as they rested in the rain in tight groups, then as they moved all around the car, sparring with each other, then as the pups started to get active, and then they disappeared down the road and into the wild.

Enjoy the photos of this beautiful animal!

Source: http://www.iucnredlist.org/apps/redlist/details/12436/0

Wild dog 1

Wild dog 2

Wild dog 3

Wild dog 4

Wild dog 5

Wild dog 6

Wild dog 7

Wild dog 8

Wild dog 9

Wild dog 10

Wild dog 11

Wild dog 12

Wild dog 13

Wild dog 14

Wild dog 15

Wild dog 16

Wild dog 17

Wild dog 18

Wild dog 19

Wild dog 20

Wild dog 21

Wild dog 22

Wild dog 23

Wild dog 24



  1. Amazing photos!! They are almost as scary looking as the hyena (but a little cuter). What a sighting, Take care.

  2. “My gramma, what big ears you have!”
    I guess there is no sneaking up on these guys.
    I loved these photos for their feeling of intimacy, close-up and personal with this animal. Thanks for sharing them, Sean.

  3. Wow! Excellent capture of this pack, and their interactions with each other. I really like #5, #6 and #23 for the close-up and personality. I LOVE the composition of #21. Really well done!

  4. WOW. Just wow.
    Amazing photos sean. Amazing sighting.

    Lucky bugger. 😛

  5. Amazing detail. I really like the info at the beginning of this set of photos. Gives meaning to the photographic record that you are creating. keep safe. Aunt Shelley

  6. Beautiful pictures. Amazing creatures – they look like they are a cross of a couple of different animals with the ears, spots, etc. I don’t think I would want one as a pet by the way they fight. I’ll stick with gentle labs!

  7. Amazing indeed Sean! Though they are kinda scary looking, really, except for the cubs, keep the great photos coming!

    • Hey Sean,
      Lucky you – the wild dog is very rare!! Great pics, very jealous!

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