Oct. 24

It’s been a good few weeks here. Mostly due to the fact that we have water now after 5 weeks of dry rivers, the rains and storms are here as seen below. Also with the rain comes the approaching 30 degree weather! Sad to see the last photography group go, but on to the next group which is 10 people! should be exciting times ahead as we roll out of whale season and into turtle season here in St. Lucia. Enjoy the photos everyone!


Oct. 14 Lightning over estuary

Estuary storm

Oct. 19 storm

Lion with two cubs


Hyena with kill

Leopard tortoise

Water monitor

Water monitor 2

Water monitor 3

Glossy Starling

Rhino after mud bath

Rhino 2

Rhino 3

Painting with Light 1

Painting with Light 2



  1. Awesome pictures kid! Could you just make sure that all those creepy crawly thingies are gone before I get there please? Yeah and the storms too! See you soon.

  2. That’s one scary looking sky. Man oh man! The lightning is really cool looking as a picture. I wouldn’t want to be there in a storm.

  3. Very nice pictures Sean. I am going to have to try that painting with light, it looks so cool!

  4. awesome as usual!

  5. Absolutely LOVE the lightning photos, especially the first one. And if I was going to be there, I’d put a request in for such storms! They must be fascinating to watch. Love the rhinos and the lions. Painting with light is really a great effect.

  6. I love these! and the ones of Natalie and you as well! Miss you guys…again!!!x

  7. Sean, I remember that storm – especially when Annie crawled into someone or others bed like a little frightened girl. Then we couldn’t find here that night. The lions – are they the ones Team Sean found because I was with Team Robin. That starling I also have but not as great as your shot of course. I remember that mud bath so clearly that the rhino was in and we were just on the side of the curb. Congrads on great shots.

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