Oct. 30

Hello! These are a few images from the past few weeks. I’ve finally caught up on my processing to get these images out fro you to see. Lots of reptiles peering out as it gets warmer here in St. Lucia…reaching high 20’s again with a scorching sun. The dragonflies have been out in full force, with literally hundreds flying around town and the park recently, quite a spectacular sight…although many not landing long enough to photograph! Of course the rhinos are always out and about, which is as awesome as always, some good sightings on recent drives reminds me how amazing these animals are. Unfortunately the rise in  poaching continues of these animals with approx. 230 rhino poached this year, compared to ~120 last year and ~80 the year before. As well I had the privilege to visit Tembe Elephant Park, home to around 220 of South Africa’s last indigenous elephant herds. As well, these elephants are the largest in the world, having the largest tusks as seen in the photos below. Enjoy!


Water monitor

Water monitor 2

Glossy starling

White rhino


Pink-backed pelicans

Pied avocet

African green pigeon


Mangrove crab

Goliath heron


Lion 2

Lion 3

Baby white rhino

Savannah monitor

Young white rhino

Young white rhino 2

White rhino mother

White rhino mother & young

Ali overlooking iSimangaliso


White rhino mother & young 2

Male white rhino

Male white rhino 2

Elephant at Tembe...These are the only indigenous elephants in South Africa, also Africa's largest tusked elephants.

Elephant 2

Elephant 3

Elephant 4

Elephant 5

Elephant 6

Waterbuck pair & male nyala



  1. Wow! Great shots! The elephants are amazing..can’t wait to see them, but the lion is so very impressive. We’re down to almost 6 weeks!!! Take care

  2. Oh yeah and what was with the croc? Transporting it somewhere?

  3. I truly am in awe every time I look at your photos!! You are so young, and yet what a magnificent journey and adventure you have already experienced! How many young men your age can boast photographing a lion and a rhino in their natural environment! Enjoy the rest of what is left of your travels through South Africa-especially the time you will share with your Mom and Dad. Lucky them!!!
    Hugs, Aunt Sharon

  4. African Green Pidgeon -amazing how it blends in with the leaves, beautiful colours. How do you know the names of all the birds and wildlife you see?

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