Sept. 25

Hello again, it’s been a good few weeks here with some excellent images created by the September group of photography volunteers, you can check out those images on our facebook page <!/pages/African-Impact-St-Lucia/110602021698?ref=ts&gt; In the time being you can take a look at some of my images over the past few weeks, some marine life, park life, and some dog life. Enjoy!


Vlekkie 2

Vlekkie 3

Vlekkie 4

Fighting hippo

Waterbuck on night drive

Hyena on night drive

White Rhino

Cattle egret



Young giraffe

Young giraffe 2


Small crab

Marine life

Hermit crab

Hermit Crab 2


Purple-crested turaco

Purple-crested turaco pair



  1. So good to see Vlekkie in such good shape! Loved the turaco pair. Hope all is well. 84 more days!!!!

  2. You got the purple crested turaco!! No you got two! Crazy times! 😛
    Love the first one of vlekkie too-looks so happy. 🙂
    Awesome photos as always sean, keep your chin up.
    Jealous of your moms countdown too.. :S

  3. Excellent photos, as usual, Sean. Love the cattle egret! So … do these birds and creatures native to Africa still seem exotic, or have they become common to you now?

  4. oh Vlekkie! sigh! i really do miss her 🙂
    love the buffalo shot, the crabs and the marine life. Very cool stuff Sean, very cool!

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