Sept. 6

Greetings and welcome to this week’s photos from St. Lucia, South Africa. It has been a good week with some good sightings. Lots more white rhino spotted with some unique behaviour observed, as seen below. A great walk we had today with some kids from an orphanage we visit. They absolutely loved the walk, and even took some amazing photos with the volunteer’s cameras! We got to walk pretty close to some zebra as seen in the photo, so they were quite excited. Tomorrow we are taking them on another walk around a trail in the woods near St. Lucia. The strike is finally ending here in SA, so the kids are back to school at last on Wed. after another 3weeks off, as the teachers, doctors and just about everyone else in the country returns to work! Enjoy the photos!

Common Reedbuck

Rhino family

Family dinner

White rhino in iSimangaliso

rhino grazing on new grass shoots

rhino landscape

Sept. 1 iMfolozi sunrise

Spotted hyena

Crested Barbet

Male white rhino looking for some shade...

Found's taken...

Battle for the good shade


the victor

Elephants in the iMfolozi


Boys from the orphanage we took out on a bushwalk today!



  1. Lovely photos as usual, and a rhino fight to boot! Keep well

  2. Was the sky really that red?!

  3. Okay, I’m painting that red sky, white sun, and black trees! Amazing photo Sean!!!!!
    Great Rhino shots too!
    Hugs, Aunt Sharon

  4. Totally amazing photos, as always. Really love the sunrise … did the red sky indicate a really hot day??

  5. Hello all. Yes the sky was that colour, it was amazing, quite the sunrise. That will be a great painting, glad I could help! I don’t think it indicated a hot day…it was only really colourful for a matter of minutes though! Gotta love nature.

  6. As usual your photos are amazing. I love the way the rhinos decided who would have the shade. Keep safe.

  7. good to see the important folks are still on the job.
    din din seem wonderful. the colours on the Barbet are almost as great as the pileated at the Island,
    Images are still out of this world.
    Keep it up.

  8. Seeing your pictures make me homesick for Africa however coming back in November to Ethiopia to work for 3 weeks in an Emergency ward in Addis Abbaba this will be 3rd visit to that hospital very very interesting

  9. that sunrise is stupendous!! the kids from the orphanage must have loved the walk! so glad to see them looking happy and well. and that crested barbet made me smile 🙂

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